Looking after Mum!

Mother's Day is upon us and it's the perfect time to remind Mums to look after themselves! Sooo easy to say, much harder in practice to do.

It becomes easier as the children grow older, however it needs to be a focus for Mum, even more so, in the newborn stage where a Happy Mum really does equal a Happy Bub!

I caught up with Maud, a counselor and a life coach specialising with the transition to motherhood.

We had a good chat about why it's important to look after yourself and some of Maud's tips to start. Here's some takeaways from our conversation...

"Babies are 100% intuition and perceptions. They feel their environment."

"Putting your needs in the closet for a few years when we transfer into Motherhood is a false belief. Your babies needs are to feel safe and heard. And this comes with a Happy Mummy!"

You can listen to the full interview here:


We often talk about the way French Women raise their children... There's the books French Children Don't Throw Food, How to Raise Children Like a French Woman... and more!

Well, Maud is a French Woman with a great mix of the French Way and our way, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Passionate about people, Maud has been studying human relationships and behaviours for the last decade, predominantly with the International Adult School of Education PRH in France, England and Australia.

Continually researching in the field of personal development and life balance, Maud creates new tools to assist her clients in reaching optimum and satisfying solutions for their lives.

Maud’s training, which extends to over 30 topics includes:

  • Childhood and emotional impact
  • Love life (couple, family, deep friendships)
  • Deep identity and self-image
  • Self-confidence
  • Emotional support and growth tools
  • How to restore balance in one's life
  • and more...

 Since 2012, Maud has delivered workshops supporting personal growth, life-coaching, yearly "growth groups", and provided personal accompaniment sessions.

 Maud began her working life with an international aerospace company, being based in France, Japan, England and Australia. This makes her particularly aware of the challenges faced by professionals in the corporate world. Maud now lives in Melbourne and calls Australia home.

 In 2013, after giving birth to her son, Maud decided to add a new life-coaching speciality to her ever-growing skillset adding antenatal and post-natal support for parents transitioning to parenthood.

 “We are all human beings and we share the same thirst for happiness in our lives. We just all do it differently depending on our culture, our past, our personalities. But it remains the same search.” Maud Briscoe-Renaud

Please visit www.maudbr.com to find out more, or to contact Maud direct.