Meet Hayley from Kids Favourite Dinners

Does anyone struggle with meal time in their home? Planning meals can be so time consuming or you could end up like us, having the same meals on the same nights each week (requires very little thought!)

Well, meet Hayley, who is here to help!

Hayley is a mum of three children, who has a passion for food and cooking for her family. After the birth of her third child she found dinner times increasingly stressful and harder, It seemed every meal she was cooking had complaints from her little ones and was being wasted which she was finding frustrating, to say the least!!

She requested some help from her friends, also mothers, simply asking what their kids favourite dinner was. Her first response from a close friend, was a chicken pie, of which she made and her family loved, which got her wondering – surely there is meals out there that kids love to eat, and therefore it prompted her to ask on her personal FB page, that very same question. “What’s your kids favourite dinners?” she was overwhelmed - it had so many comments, that she then created the FB group Kids Favourite Dinners – It has grown in members very quickly and has been extremely successful and helpful to Hayley and her family and more so her members.

Given the popularity, and obviously Mums after help, Hayley decided to build it into a website (clever lady!), and has grown it further, to help dinner times be ENJOYABLE with your children.

Hayley believes that meal planning, and shopping according to the plan enables you to save money, as you are not buying unnecessary items, or wasting anything. It enables you to be organised, and makes dinner times stress free, as you know exactly what is being cooked every night, and you have all the ingredients at hand.

Meal planning can be time consuming however Hayley has made sure that through Kids Favourite Dinners, that all of the time, and hard work has been done for you, allowing you to literally click and print, and has just launched a ‘mastering meal planning’ course.

Hayley’s goal is to grow the community of sharing kids favourite dinners, and for us to enjoy meal times with our children, she believes it takes a village to raise children and helping & supporting one another is what it is all about.