Meet Mikey Mike and the Hip Hop KIds!

Meet Mikey Mike

Mikey Mike and the Hip Hop Kids on Little Rockers Radio

Michael Martin from Albury, NSW has two children Mia who is 5 years old and Max who is 3 years old.

In the past he’s been involved in hip-hop music bands and for many years had the idea of creating hip-hop music for children.  After having children of his own he continued his love for music by making music with his two kids... And, Mikey Mike and The Hip Hop Kids was born.

“We recorded an album at home and have released it on all digital platforms including Spotify, Apple music etc. It has become quite popular in our home town and now we want to share it with the world. Max and Mia helped by adding their input throughout the album,” says Mike.

Mikey Mike and The Hip Hop Kids is an album all about love. Love for each other, love for music and love for family and friends. With songs about rhythm, dancing, jumping and play it showcases all that Mike and his kids love as a family in their home. There is even a song about proper library etiquette!!

It is a fun and enjoyable album that is suitable for the whole family.

“We call it kids hip-hop music that parents will love too. I call it Dad Rap,” said Mike.

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You can now hear Mikey Mike and The Hip-Hop Kids on Little Rockers Radio!