These Melbourne Mums are using kids music to shape lives!

A fresh, fun and interactive new children’s theatre show is coming to Melbourne!

Musical Sprouts: A fresh, fun and interactive new children’s theatre show is coming to Melbourne!

Three Melbourne mums and seasoned theatre performers are hitting the road as the Musical Sprouts this October to bring a fresh, fun and interactive new children’s theatre show to Melbourne.

After enjoying successful careers Bridget a’Beckett, Sharni Page and Julia Davis became mothers and began looking for a new way to express themselves creatively within their new lives as Mum.

The three entertainers share a common belief that a love of music can shape a life, no matter how little or big! (We totally agree!)

Their debut show entitled ‘A Day in the Life of You’ is written specifically for children aged 2 – 6 years and addresses the daily challenges of growing up, like learning to brush teeth, get dressed, clean up and go to the toilet and features original songs, live instruments, dancing and lots of audience participation.

Meet Yella, Reddy & Blueno

A Day in the Life of You follows three main characters, Yella, Reddy and Blueno as they progress through their day in the land of the Sprouty Sprouts.

The show opens at their home as Yella, the child of the Sprouts family, wakes up to see the audience seated and throws herself into performing for them without realising she’s still in her pyjamas!

They are all very excited about putting on a show for their audience, but each time they get started, they discover that Yella isn’t ready.

Through an enchanting hour of song and dance, Yella is coaxed and prodded by the patient and caring Reddy and the stern, yet hilarious Blueno to brush her teeth, get dressed, clean up and go to the toilet.

Eventually Yella learns to clean up before starting the next activity – and she understands there’s a time and place for everything. Blueno learns how to relax and have fun and Reddy finds a chance to shine and a moment to finish her tea!

Creator, Bridget a’Beckett says,” I assumed my music making days were over when I gave birth. I was so tired and thought I would never have a new idea again. Then I sang to my tantrumming child and realised I had the power of hypnotism. I could feel her body relax in my arms and listen, and I realised that music still has that effect on me as an adult. I can escape stress through music. Why wouldn't I want pass such a valuable tool onto my kids?”

We couldn’t agree more Bridget!

Let your children experience this live show, tickets and tour information can be found at


We’ve got our hands on 6 tickets to see Musical Sprouts LIVE! 9.30am, October 23rd, Moonee Ponds, Victoria.

To enter simply head on over to the Little Rockers Radio Facebook Page and tell us in 25-words or less why you would love to go and who you would take!

Good luck! Competition closes Thursday 18th October 2018!

Tickets are not transferrable or redeemable for cash. The judges decision is final. Applicants must be over 18 years of age.