Chit Chat with Tanya from Baby Hints & Tips - Online Communities, Common Mum questions & Mum Hacks!

Meet Tanya from Baby Hints & Tips an online community for Mums. Tanya is a Mum of 3 girls, aged 4, 7 and 8.

I caught up with Tanya to find out what’s trending in the online Mums community, to ask her what she has found (over her 6-years of running the community) is the most common questions asked and her 3 top Mum Hacks – because everyone LOVES a Mum Hack! Well, I do anyway. Makes my life sooooo much easier!! :)


Hi Tanya, What’s trending online with Baby Hints & Tips at the moment?

The biggest thing late last month was the EpiPen recall. Some were recalled due to a potential fault where they weren’t activating.

Here’s the details:

Recall – potential failure to activate or need to apply increased force to activate

Consumers and health professionals are advised that Alphapharm, in consultation with the TGA, is recalling four batches of EpiPen 300 microgram adrenaline injection syringe auto-injectors. EpiPens from affected batches can be returned to pharmacies for a refund or exchanged for one from a different, unaffected batch free of charge.

EpiPen is used in emergency situations to treat people who are having a severe allergic reaction (also known as anaphylaxis).

It has been identified that EpiPens from the four affected batches may contain a defective part that could result in the auto-injector failing to activate or a need to apply more force than normal to activate.

The affected batch numbers are:

Batch number Expiry
5FA665 April 2017
5FA6651 April 2017
5FA6652 April 2017
5FA6653 April 2017

For the full Recall details visit HERE.

We also shared a beautiful pic of a Mum who delivered her rainbow baby. She had a couple of miscarriages and it’s so nice that Mums can now have the time to capture memories. In previous years your baby was taken away from you straight away and you didn’t get the chance to say goodbye and capture any memories so it’s beautiful that parents going through a horrific time can take the time to say goodbye.

Another popular question that provoked a lot of answers was at what stage you felt your baby move in your second and subsequent pregnancies. These questions and the amount of interaction show how much online communities can help. It’s good to see the variations in everyone's answers which helps so much when you’re unsure. You can gain a great variety of feedback which really just cements that everyone is different and what you’re going through is most likely very normal.


You have been running Baby Hints & Tips for over 6-years now. What are 2 things you would say Mums are always keen to find out about, or searching for advice on?

The most common question is generally ‘Is it normal that my child ‘something’….. (wakes often, sleeps this much, hasn’t walked yet, hasn’t crawled yet, hasn’t rolled over yet)?

This is where having a broad community of Mums really helps. Of course there’s always a Mum that hops on and says ‘well mine rolled at day 2’ because some people feel the need to say that, however on the whole people are really supportive.

Probably the second most common is around having a second child –  will my first child feel as loved and supported, what’s the best age gap, how will I cope with 2, how will I cope with 2 under 2, what sort of routines will I put in place?


Finally, Tanya, having 3 children yourself and running an online community with over 200,000 Mums, you must have some good Mum Hacks? What’s your top 3?

  1. One of the big things that I do is most weeks Ill bake something (muffins, slice) and then cut it all up and pop it in the freezer. It’s something you then have prepared for whenever the kids are hungry and can quickly pop out.
  2. Another thing I always loved when the kids were younger – an easy activity that causes no mess, is a paintbrush and water. Let them paint everything outside – the walls, fences, flower pots – it all dries up and disappears and the kids have a great time doing it, while you have some peace and quiet too!
  3. My third hack is group gifts – where you can we love to arrange a group gift so a small amount of money can be put in and the child can get just the one present and something a little bigger. After birthday parties the kids can end up with so many gifts and many of them they won’t play with so It’s nice and cheaper to all chip in for one.

What are your Mum hacks? We would love to know!! Share them with us in the comments below, or hop on over to our Facebook page and share them there.