Music Spotlight on Lisa Brayshaw from Lisa's World

Meet Lisa Brayshaw of Lisa’s World

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I have one (not so little anymore!) daughter – she is now 18 and somehow I survived all the sleepless nights, terrible twos, school lunches / pick-ups / drop-offs / extra curricular activities / play dates / after school sports / dancing (yes, including sewing dance costumes at 3am) / teacher meetings / kids politics (Mum, so and so won’t play with me *sob) / parents politics (So and So’s Mum didn’t invite me to her Tupperware party *sob), high school heart breaks, HSC grizzles (Mum I don’t even want to go to uni anyway), HSC completion (YESSS!! Mum I got into uni!!!)…

Whew! Never give up fellow warriors – your love and patience will get you through.

Now? We are both in a wonderful time and place to work on and support each other in our dreams and goals.

How long have you been creating music for kids?

I have been writing little rhymes for, well, ever since I can remember!

I worked in offices for many years and was writing on the side just as a hobby. It was only in the last few years, once my daughter was more independent, did I really consider it as something I could do as a career.

Why kids music? How did you start?

I sort of fell into it!

I have always been very passionate about music. I grew up playing the piano and went on to dabble with a variety of instruments from there. When I was at uni one of my assignments was to write a kids song. I absolutely LOVED it, and kept writing them at home for my daughter who was only 3 at the time. We had so much fun with it – it opened a huge creative door for me.

Then many years later I met Noah Shilkin (from Sonic Lolly) who used to work with CBC kids. I gave him the old cheesy ‘Oh, you know, I do a bit of that…’ and next thing you know we were in the studio recording. Then came the DVD and I have never looked back!

What age group is your music for?

It can be for a variety of ages, I find it is very dependent on the child. I have had Mums with babies under 1 who love the music, all the way up to kids about 8 or 9 years old. I would say as an average, probably around ages 2-6.

How would you describe your music?


A little bit silly, a little bit dancey– I do try to portray positive messages as much as I can without coming across as condescending. I want the kids to have fun, dance around, be silly and generally have a good time with the music. I am a big believer in the positive effects of imagination and play in kids’ lives. I am also very passionate about physical and mental wellbeing, along with good nutrition - I try to encompass this as I write.  Mixed with a lot of silliness. I did say a little, but it’s more like a lot.

What are the best bits about creating music for kids?

Oh everything! For starters you can just be creative and silly and play, the things you sometimes forget to do as an adult. Then there are the kids’ smiles, watching them have fun, seeing them learn.

The part that wins hands down though, is having the ability to reach kids on a larger scale. This is the number one reason behind what I do. There is so much sadness in some kids’ lives, it is my goal to reach these kids and maybe give them something to smile and feel good about.  I believe in empowering kids, helping them feel good about themselves - if I can do this on any scale then I am happy.

Why do you think music is important for kids?

An absolute myriad of reasons – many studies have been conducted about the positive effects of music in childrens’ lives. It helps with everything from cognitive learning to self-confidence to creativity, I could go on forever!  I think encouraging the creative side of the brain is very important – creative kids leads to creative adults, and the world needs people with creativity!

Where can we find out more?

My YouTube channel has all my little video clips on it if the littlies want to have a look – the link is:

I also have a Website at:

Aaaand a facebook page at: