Music Spotlight on Teeny Tiny Stevies

Have you heard of the Teeny Tiny Stevies yet?

Chances are you have as they have proved to be very popular with both Mums and Bubs since releasing their new album, Useful Songs for Little People.

I caught up with one half of the Teeny Tiny Stevies, Sibylla to ask her about making music for kids...

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My sister and I are musicians and write, record & tour with our grown ups band The Little Stevies. I had my first child 4 years ago, and when he hit challenging phases I would write him little songs to help the learning process, the songs got better and the challenges got bigger.

I've now got two kids (4yo & 1yo) and the balance of fitting everything in is a constant struggle, and not very elegant, but it's never boring. The kids come on tour or to a festival with me from time to time, which they love, but is double the work for me. I don't mind when they stay home with Dad for the weekend while mum goes off to play a festival as it feels like a break.

How long have you been doing this for?

Playing music professionally for over 10 years, playing kids music for about 10 months.

Why kids music? How did you start?

My kid got to toilet training age and I couldn't find any decent toilet training songs - so we wrote one. We then decided to write about other challenging phases kids go through and make every song 'useful' for parents. We also noticed that our current fan base were starting to have kids, so it made sense to my sister and I that we should put some time into writing really good songs for kids - and so our kids music side project was born: Teeny Tiny Stevies. Our first album is called 'Useful Songs For Little People'.

What age group is your music for?

We're still working that out. My 1yo loves it, but she could be bias.. but anywhere from about 2 to 6. Beth is a primary school music teacher on the side and taught her grade 1's & 2's some of the songs for their choir performances this year and they love it.

How would you describe your music?

Our kids music sounds exactly the same as our adult music, just with different lyrics that kids can relate to. It was important to us to create great sounding music that can be listened to repeatedly by parents. We did this by approaching the recording & production of this album the same way we would on any of our adult albums. We didn't want to 'talk down', either lyrically or musically to kids, we think they can handle great music. Our genre might be described as alt-folk-pop.

What are the best bits about creating music for kids?

Kids are direct, so it was a real pleasure to write lyrics that were direct and to the point and most of the time very literal. However it was a nice challenge to make those literal lyrics sound poetic and flow nicely so they'd easily be remembered. It was a fun process, maybe because the topics we wrote on seemed such funny things to be writing songs about, so we did a lot of laughing.

Why do you think music is important for kids?

Music encourages all people to move, sing, smile & feel, these are all great things, and we should all do them as much as we can. Songs get imprinted in young kids brains and they provide comfort and fun, and so I think they may as well be useful & positive too.

Where can people find out more about you?

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