ABC’s ‘My First’ classical music series set to inspire and educate kids!

A collection of albums designed to inspire, educate and delight called the ‘My First’ series, starts young audiences on a journey through the wonderful world of classical music.

Released by ABC Classics, the first three albums in a series of nine are now available, immersing little listeners in the sounds of Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and much more. Six more albums in the series will also be released over the coming months.
Of these educational albums, Toby Chadd of ABC Classics says “Medical and developmental studies continue to suggest that the benefits of exposing children to classical music from a young age include boosting their concentration and self-discipline, improving listening and social skills, and encouraging sharper minds and good mental health.
“And what we find fascinating purely from a music lover’s perspective, another research study concluded that when children were given access to the works of Beethoven and Mozart they were more likely to appreciate a wider range of music later in life.
“Ultimately, we love that it allows parents and carers to feel good about exposing children to an inspirational and education collection of music, while also enjoying the harmonious tunes of some of the world’s greatest composers themselves."

My First Classical Album is the perfect introduction to the timeless tunes of the great composers. From the majesty of the orchestra to the delicacy of the piano, this music will open up a whole new world of imagination – encouraging little ones to sing, dance and dream.

My First Mozart Album shares with children the joys of the most famous composer who ever lived, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Throughout his life, Mozart composed hundreds of pieces that are still some of the best-known and best-loved tunes ever written. This album provides a true celebration and learning journey through his music.
My First Piano Album acquaints youngsters with the piano and all its magic, bringing together familiar favourites as well as new discoveries. The tunes of Chopin, Satie, Joplin and more will teach children about the wondrous world of music behind the piano’s tidy array of black and white keys.

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From Universal Music/ABC Music and available on CD and digital download.