There's tonnes of new music on Little Rockers Radio

Since featuring on The Project just over a month ago Little Rockers Radio has continued to grow!

Not just lots of new listeners enjoying Little Rockers Radio, but now lots of new music too.

This week I finally managed to listen through every single song and album that has been submitted in the past month for little ears on Little Rockers Radio to enjoy.

I always wanted to play the favourites such as The Wiggles, Justine Clarke, Play School, Sam Moran, Disney, Lah-Lah and more however was most surprised when I first launched at the number of amazing Australian artists, not yet household names,  that are creating truly beautiful, funny, classic, different and traditional music for children.

These past few weeks I have had the fun task of speaking with more amazing artists and am now featuring their music on Little Rockers Radio. Some have been making and teaching music for years, for others such as 'I Have A Go' it's their first album and first time they are putting themselves 'out there' creatively, which can be very scary! What they all have in common is their passion for making children's music, entertaining children and educating them.

Here's some of what you will hear:

  • The Vegetable Plot
  • Bonkers Beat & You
  • Numbat & Friends
  • Willow Star Kids Musical Entertainment
  • Tyrone & Lesley's Bear with Me
  • Zucchini Clan
  • The Luna Moonies
  • I Have A Go

You will also hear some gorgeous new lullabies. Music from Taylor Swift, Cold Play, Adele, U2 and more - all transformed into sleepy time instrumental lullabies!

As always, please let me know what you would like to hear on Little Rockers Radio - what you like, what you don't like. It's a station for you and your littlies after all.

Sarah xx