Noni Hazlehurst delivers a speech that's genuine and inspiring!

"I fear that our hearts are growing cold."

Last night's Logie's saw Noni Hazlehurst inducted into the Logie's Hall of Fame.

Many of us grew up watching this amazing lady on Play School. She taught us back then and in so many more profound ways she is still teaching us now. Her speech had me glued to the screen.

"It was much easier to protect children from images and information that they couldn't assimilate," Noni says of the time when she was on Play School. "But with the explosion of technology and the proliferation of screens, we can't escape exposure to bad news and violet images, they're everywhere - at the dentist, on buses and most of us, not just kids, find the bombardment overwhelming."

Noni talks of growing incidences of anxiety, depression and suicide, saying we are living under a cloud of negativity and surrounded by bad news.

I have to agree with her and am left constantly wondering how we protect our children from bad news, or how we explain it to them.....

Here is her speech again: