Peter Combe: Christmas Album Live in Concert

It’s been 28-years since Peter Combe launched his much loved Christmas Album, and now he’s taking it on the road!

With a career that spans more than three decades, Peter Combe has more than a few favourite albums under his belt. Having released 15 albums of all original children’s material (not including greatest hits or live CDs) throughout his career, one of his all-time favourites, and one that is still played by many each and every Christmas, is his 1990 Christmas Album release.

For 28-years Peter has been asked when he will perform his Christmas Album songs in concert.

Well this year is our lucky year! Not only is Peter touring the country this Christmas, he is performing every single song from his much loved Christmas Album.

I caught up with Peter to ask him all about it…

The 17-track Christmas Album is an album that has been embraced across generations and is still as loved today as when it was originally released. The 1990 album landed its way firmly in the ARIA Albums Top 50 Chart and went GOLD in 5 weeks – an impressive feat for a Christmas album, and a Christmas album of all original material!

For Peter – who is loved Australia-wide for tracks like Wash Your Face In Orange Juice and Newspaper Mama to name a few – the Christmas Album holds a special place in his heart, and his children’s.

It was his son Thom who suggested it was time to take the album out on the road, after seeing the requests his father received each year to perform tracks from the album.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of wonderful letters, emails, Facebook messages and many many more comments from families for 28 years expressing their love for this particular album,” says Peter. “I’ve been deeply touched by these expressions of love for the songs.”

The Christmas songs resonate with young and old, some religious and some secular. All were penned specifically for the Christmas Album and Peter went into the process back in 1990 with the focus of releasing a wholly original festive album. He didn’t want to record another album of traditional Christmas carols and songs. He wanted something unique!

With Peter’s unique and innate knack to get to the heart of what resonates with children, his Christmas Album was embraced by children and adults alike, making it the only 100 per cent original Christmas album to reach the heights of such success.

In fact, as far as Peter knows, it is the most successful recording of original Australian Christmas songs ever released!

“The album expresses the optimism of the Christmas message,” says Peter. “I like to think the audiences will be uplifted by the joy expressed in the songs and the care that went into the writing them. It was a genuine labour of love. Christmas is unique in that it can be appreciated at a deep level whether you are Christian, agnostic or atheist.”

One of the other things that makes Peter Combe’s Christmas Album special are the choirs that perform on many of the songs and Peter is bringing that quality to the live performance, with special guests with him in each show.

“I contacted high schools, private and public schools, in every capital city that I knew had great choirs,” he says. “The ages of the choir singing most of the songs on the album were 13-17, so the choirs in the concerts will be the same age. It’s the first tour ever in which I’ll be doing every show with a live band and a talented young choir.”

Peter is looking forward to taking his iconic album out on the road, kicking off the shows at the end of November and running right up until Christmas. His hope is that the events will be a special family affair – something parents and children alike can enjoy.

“My son Thom, whose idea it was to embark on this project, will be playing guitar in at least seven of the shows with me,” he says. “My keyboard player, Phil Cunneen, who played on the Christmas Album in 1990 will be doing every concert with me, and Steve Todd, who also played on the recording, will be doing every concert except one.”

Don’t miss Peter Combe’s Christmas Album Live In Concert, a very special festive experience.

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