It's world Play-Doh Day!

It’s time to open a can of imagination as PLAY-DOH celebrates its 60th Anniversary, with celebrations to be held around the world on World PLAY-DOH Day today, September 16th 2016.

Since its 1956 debut, the iconic PLAY-DOH yellow can has become synonymous with creative play as well as being a fun family favourite!

Now selling into more than 80 countries with more than 3 billion cans of PLAY-DOH compound sold, PLAY-DOH is not only fun but one of the world’s leading toy brands that was included in the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998.

From a simple can to a more elaborate play set PLAY-DOH is the #1 reusable-modeling compound with more than 500 million cans produced each year.  The brand is so popular that urban legend has it that if you took all the PLAY-DOH compound created since 1956 and put it through the PLAY-DOH FUN FACTORY playset, it would make a snake that would wrap around the world 300 times!

It’s easy to be a part of the 60th anniversary celebrations – you can follow the brand as it celebrates its 60th at, and share your own memories using #PLAYDOH60. 

Here's some Play Doh facts you may not know...

  • The estimated weight of all PLAY-DOH compound sold is heavier than 10,000 brontosauruses.
  • If you made a big ball of all the PLAY-DOH compound ever created, it would weigh more than 700 million pounds.
  • PLAY-DOH was originally used as wallpaper cleaner developed by a Cincinnati based soap company.
  • Since 1956, more than three billion PLAY-DOH cans have been sold. That’s enough PLAY-DOH compound to reach to the moon and back THREE times.

To celebrate Play-Doh’s 60th Anniversary, we have four PLAY-DOH Ice Cream Castles to give away, simply visit our Facebook Page to enter. The Ice cream castle is a creative kingdom where kids can go to make their ice cream dreams come true. With 6 ice cream discs, kids can choose different shapes to press out swirly PLAY-DOH ice cream. Just pop one into the centre tower to switch up the fun. When the dishes are filled with swirly Play-Doh treats, move over to the topping stations to cover them in wacky whipped cream and crazy sprinkles!!