Reach & Match : A Learning Kit for children of all abilities


I have recently met an amazing lady, Mandy, who has developed the Reach & Match Learning Kit from her postgraduate research at Monash University.

The Reach & Match Learning Kit is for children with all abilities to learn through inclusive play in early childhood settings.

Mandy has also co-created and field-tested an inclusive learning program which is aligned with the Australian Early Childhood Framework, based on 7 Learning Outcomes: Literacy Learning, Cognitive Skills, Sensory Integration, Body movement, Language Enrichment, Sense of Satisfaction and Social Interaction.

The learning kit has been extremely well received and adopted by Australian's leading organisations and education departments, and it has received the Monash University Vice Chancellor's Social Inclusion Award and received over 10 global awards in Education, Inclusive and Assistive Technology. Currently being applied at Monash Education as a teaching tool for their early childhood degree and special needs degree.


What is it? Reach & Match is an innovative education kit, which uses exercises and games to empower children with varying abilities in mainstream settings. It is a fun, thoughtful and high quality curriculum tool for all children to develop literacy and acquire early concepts of space & positional play, emotional development, motor, communication and social skills.

Who is it for? Reach & Match is a social inclusive kit for all children, including children with sensory impairment, developmental delay, autism and limited mobility in special needs or mainstream settings.

How does it work? The double-sided sensory play provides distinctive and fun ways for individual learning and group play. Through well-designed exercises, activities and games, children will develop effective childhood skills such as body concept, position in space, figure-ground discrimination, gross and fine motor skills, tactile awareness, communication and social skills.

The Front side: provides toddler training for manual dexterity and identifying tactile patterns.

The Reverse side: provides pre-schoolers with braille and print learning, motor development, direction and spacial awareness training.


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