Safe Sleep Week!

Red Nose Safe Sleep Week provides vital safety information to reduce at-home risk of SIDS and fatal sleep accidents

Red Nose is providing parents with the latest evidence-based safe sleeping information during the third annual Safe Sleep Week.

Safe Sleep Week

Running from today, 11th March through to 18th March, the 8-day safe sleeping awareness campaign aims to provide Australian parents and carers with vital safe sleep recommendations to reduce risk of sudden and unexpected death in infancy (including SIDS and fatal sleep accidents).

Red Nose Chief Health Advisor and Registered Midwife Jane Wiggill said the campaign aims to educate every parent and carer in Australia with easy to understand, evidence based advice. “Sudden and unexpected death in infancy is a very real fear for parents, and it can be a challenge to know what you can be doing at home to reduce your risk,” she says. “There is a lot of conflicting information, and our aim is to make sure parents receive the right information.”

Red Nose has been educating parents in safe sleeping for 40 years, and in that time we have seen a reduction in sudden and unexpected death by 85 per cent. “This is 10,000 little lives saved.”

Safe Sleep Week is exploring topics such as:

  • Why you should sleep your baby on their back

  • Why baby’s head and face should be uncovered during sleep

  • The risks of a smoking during pregnancy and after birth

  • What is a safe sleeping environment?

  • Sleeping your baby in your room for the first 12 months

  • Breastfeeding

  • Setting up a safe nursery

  • Moving from cot to bed (for toddlers).

Want to find out more?

The campaign will run across Red Nose’s social media channels and website, and includes live Q and A sessions and demonstrations, education tools, videos and more.

“Everything parents need to know to reduce their at-home risk will be covered,” Jane says. “There is no rulebook for parents, but there are facts. And that is the only thing we are interested in.”

Why back to sleep is the safest position for your child

What do I do now my baby is rolling over?

Red Nose (formerly SIDS and Kids) provides vital, evidence-based safe sleeping education to families and healthcare professionals all around Australia. They also conduct world-class research into sudden and unexpected death in infancy, including SIDS, accidental death and still birth.

Red Nose also provides crucial bereavement support to those affected by the death of a baby or child, receiving more than 10,000 calls for support and education every year.

Since Red Nose’s inception, more than $17 million has been devoted into researching stillbirth, neonatal death, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and other causes that contribute to the 3,200 unexpected infant deaths that devastate Australian families each year.

All education and information provided by Red Nose is evidence based and guided by Red Nose’s National Scientific Advisory Group (NSAG), a committee made up of experts in research, health care, and midwifery. The tireless work of Red Nose has reduced sudden and unexpected deaths by 85 per cent since 1990, saving more than 10,000 babies’ lives.