Set Up Your Nursery Ready For Your Baby’s Arrival

Preparing for your first little one? How incredibly exciting! In addition to the bundle of joy that is about to enter your life, there are a lot of changes you will be experiencing over the next couple of years.

Although no matter what you do nothing truly preps you for being a mum, there are a couple of things that can make the adjustment easier! For example, having your nursery set up and ready for your little one’s arrival is just one less thing you will have to stress about once he or she is born. It’s a room where you will both be spending a lot of time bonding together, so make it a special place where you can create amazing memories in those first few years!

Choosing A Changing Table

It’s so important to invest in a good quality changing table, specifically designed for diaper changing. You want to ensure that it is sturdy and stable so you feel secure as a new mum changing your baby’s diaper. Try to invest in one that will clip on to the wall with studs, and has wheels so it is easily transportable (make sure they are locked when changing your bub tho!). Most important tip to remember? Never ever leave your baby on the table alone - have one hand on them at all times! It is just too easy for them to roll off, so make sure you look out for their safety first and foremost!

Think Carefully About Lighting

Although bright, light nurseries may look pretty in pictures, it’s important that the room isn’t too bright such that your baby can’t sleep. To be frank, a large amount of your little one’s first year of life is spent sleeping - so you want to make sure their nursery is set up such that they can do just that. Curtains and darkened blinds are definitely the way to go so you are all prepped for those afternoon naps.

Get A Comfortable Nursing Chair

Purchase a nursing chair that is both stylish and functional - and it can be a fantastic addition to the nursery. You will be spending long stretches of time in this chair regardless of whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or doing a mix of both - so comfort is definitely a key factor. Make sure it is big enough for you to be able to sit with your baby comfortably, and cushions for design flair and comfort.

Set Up A Sound Machine

One unconventional tip is to set up a sound machine in the nursery, which can be extremely helpful in getting your little one down to sleep at night. Sounds as simple as a heartbeat or the ocean can help soothe them in this seemingly unfamiliar environment. Remember that until recently they have not been exposed to anything outside of your womb, and everything around them is new. So anything that can help to calm them in this world they have just entered is certainly a positive.

Lullabies on Little Rockers Radio work well too! They're on each and every night from 7pm to 6am.

Make Sure You Have Heaps Of Storage Space

Although babies are tiny, they sure need a whole lot of stuff. Even if they don’t, people tend to give you a lot of things anyway. If you have a baby shower, you are bound to receive tons of things and you’ll find that having a newborn often comes with lots of gifts from family and friends - books, toys, clothes etcetera, some of which you are going to want to keep for when they are old enough to appreciate them. Having a good number of furniture pieces that have storage space within them will serve you well in your nursery set-up.

So get to work so that you can have fun decorating your baby’s future living space. The process can be creative and peaceful if you start early and give yourself time to work on it as your own little project throughout the 9 months.


By Monisha Iswaran, MyDeal Australia