Soaring through skies - Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Week

This week is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week, with October 15 being International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Baby Loss Awareness is a cause close to the hearts of NZ children's singers, Itty Bitty Beats.

Jenny and her husband Rob sadly lost their son Leo, at 3 days old, in 2009. These songs aren’t specifically about the loss of their darling son, but these songs are about giving people more choices throughout the mourning process. “A lot of people feel like they are grieving on their own and these songs are about us saying - you’re not alone… we are here with you. We receive a lot of messages from people who have miscarried, but haven’t told their support network and appreciate having a song they can put on repeat and cry to. These songs are starting conversations between friends and family members. Turning a taboo topic into a discussion and hopefully connecting more people with support”.

Last year they released “The Last Lullaby” which has been downloaded countless times worldwide and used internationally by families at their time of loss. “We get a lot of people contacting us, asking if they can use “The Last Lullaby” for their child’s funeral, or for memorial services. We are so touched that this song is resonating with people at this time of loss. It is such a small thing for us to offer people who are going through the worst time of their lives”.

I am still crying as I write this after having just watched this clip. Take a listen to their beautiful song, SOARING THROUGH THE SKIES...