The SUPER MOOPERS on Little Rockers Radio!

Introducing an exciting new series for kids published by The Five Mile Press called, SUPER MOOPERS.

By Fiona Harris, one of Australia’s top female performers and writers, having written and performed on television shows, Skithouse, Comedy Inc, Prank Patrol and The Beautiful Lie, and illustrator/composer/writer/comedian/actor, Scott Edgar, better known as one third of comedy trio Tripod, who’ve toured the globe, playing comedy festivals and with symphony orchestras.

Having known one another for decades, first meeting at university, Fiona and Scott have merged creative and performing arts backgrounds to develop a series in conjunction with bestselling children’s author, Sally Rippin, and the result is SUPER MOOPERS.

Inspired by the well-loved classic series of Mr Men, Dr Seuss and the Smurfs, SUPER MOOPERS opens with four books that each introduce a character from the Moopertown, where everyone is special in their own special way. Once introduced, we gain an insight into the Mooper’s unique trait, which at first is viewed as a hindrance but eventually transforms them to superhero status, hence Super Mooper. The series highlights that our differences are what make us unique and reiterates that we are all capable of being superheroes when we see the best in ourselves.

The SUPER MOOPERS books are humorous, character-driven stories children will engage with and cherish. They are funny, positive and affirming for people of all ages, but are chiefly aimed at kids aged between 5-8 years; and I wouldn’t be surprised if the adult crowd develops a cult following for the series, à la Dr Seuss.

Little Rockers Radio is airing Giggling Gertie (read by Fiona Harris) and Nervous Nellie (read by Scott Edgar) every day this week at 11am and 5pm! Simply grab a comfy spot and listen as you are introduced to Nellie and Gertie and their Super Mooper personalities.

Get your hands on the series! Yep, we are giving away the series to 3 lucky winners. Hop on over to our Facebook or Instagram pages to see how you can enter. Competition Closes 1st September 2017.