Teaching children to be Helpful

As children grow and develop they want to be helpful.

They like to imitate Mum and Dad. They learn that being helpful will earn them praise and recognition and make them feel more grown up.

It’s important for us to let children help us. Help with unpacking the washing machine, picking up toys, setting the table, watering the garden, carrying in the groceries, washing the car, all of these activities are great for children to get involved in from a young age and to grow up with a helpful nature.

While all children enjoy being helpful when they are young there is evidence to show that the environment they are raised in will dictate whether they continue to grow into helpful teenagers and adults.

Children raised in homes where value is placed on being helpful will grow up looking for ways to help others. Where children are raised in a home where little value is placed on being helpful, or dare I say it the adults are a little more self-centred, they will not see being helpful as an important behaviour.

So, how can we teach our children to be helpful?


1. Start by modelling the behaviour you want to see. Help others in your family and your community. Explain when you recycle or pick up rubbish that you are helping the environment and our future generations. Drop off a meal for a family that needs some help.

2. Let your children help you. Start with small helpful tasks when they are young and let these tasks grow with your children.

3. Look for opportunities where your children can help others – collecting egg cartons for kinder, help out with events at your local sporting clubs and so on.


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