Teaching our kids about feelings

We like our children to be able to tell us how they are feeling, however young children often have trouble verbalising their feelings. They need to learn the words we use to describe feelings, before they can tell us how they are feeling.

Young children from the age of two can be taught basic emotions such as happy, sad, mad and scared. As they grow they can start to learn about emotions such as feeling frustrated, nervous, intimidated, etc.

Here’s some tips to help teach your children about feelings:

1. Use games and activities to help teach kids about feelings (simply google and you will find a range of printables on pinterest to use).

2. Verbalise your own feelings with your children and remember children learn from what we do much more than what we say. If we react to situations with anger we will be teaching our children the same.

3. Look for teaching moments – if you are reading a book or watching a movie talk about the characters feelings.

4. If your child does something that makes someone laugh or cry or become angry talk to them about how their actions have made others feel.

5. Talk to your child about how they may be feeling and label it, but don’t get frustrated if they have trouble verbalising it.

6. Teach your children it’s perfectly OK to have feelings and teach them appropriate ways to express them.


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