Throw Back Classics!

They bring back flashes of childhood and so many memories.

A childhood where we would leave home on a Saturday morning on our BMX and be back hours later, having played with all of our friends in the neighbourhood.

A childhood where we would make up dances and perform them on the front lawn for everyone to see! (hope that was others too!!)

A childhood where we all sat around the TV together on a Saturday night and watch Young Talent Time or Hey Hey It's Saturday!

Here's a trip down memory lane for you...

Cabbage Patch Kids!

Launched 1982. Absolutely mad over them. I had two - Iris & Chloe Moira Jackson. What were yours named?

I know they are still around today, but not the same.

The Baby Sitters Club. I was obsessed! You?

Mr Squiggle & Miss Jane!

Who were some of the other presenters before Miss Jane?

Punky Brewster...

My absolute all time fave! Loved her! Think my daughter has a fair bit of Punky Brewster in her too!

YTT! HUGE FAN when I was growing up...

Can you still name them?

Play School... Brings back many memories...

In this pic former presenters gathered in 1991 for the shows 25th Anniversary... (back row) Janet Kingsbury, Donald McDonald, Benita Collings, John Waters, (front row) Trisha Goddard and Noni Hazlehurst.

A favourite of mine that I spent hours jumping around on - The Pogo Stick! Mine was orange with the tassels! Loved it!

The modern pogo stick was invented by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall, from Germany. A German patent was registered in Hanover on March 1920 for a device they called a "spring end hopping stilt". It is thought that the beginning two letters in these men's last names is where the name pogo comes from. (Source Wikipedia - so how accurate it is - who knows!) :-)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, Shannen Doherty and Lee Montgomery. Released 1985.

Did anyone else love this movie?

Oh so 80's!

DOLLY My first and Magazine as a tween... And I loved model Alison Brahe too (on the cover).

What was your fave Magazine as a tween?

Who remembers ALF? On air in the 80's and was one of my favourites.

Children's entertainers from yesteryear.

Who remembers Patsy Biscoe, Fat Cat & of course Humphrey B. Bear!

Let us know any of your favourites that we have missed... there will be plenty!

Note: Images and facts found through the world wide web, not from my head! My memory isn't that great. That said, Wikipedia is so often incorrect. If a date is wrong - let me know!