Travelling Band

Sydney singer/songwriter Angie Who has been delighting music lovers young and old this year. Performances at 'Little Fairgrounds' (part of the recent Fairgrounds festival) and the excellent Dress Up Attack: A Music & Arts Festival For Children & Grown Ups have allowed Angie to share songs from her debut album Littlefolk with families near and far.

Now Angie is excited and thrilled to present her first music video ever for album favourite ‘Travelling Band’.

An original song penned by Angie, ‘Travelling Band’ is a tribute to the bittersweet nature of modern family life. 

“The chorus to Travelling Band tumbled out of my head one day on the way home from the park when my boy was very little,” says Angie. “I had been there with a friend and we were chatting about Motherhood and Creativity and Day Jobs and trying to make it all work. The song was a reminder to enjoy the stage of life I was in at the time: the pudgy feet, the sleepless nights, the desire to be creative and the reality of a part time job combined with an on-call all the time one.”

Take a listen here...

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