Planning a family holiday in 2018? Here’s some stress free travel solutions…


Travelling with little ones can be stressful but there really are some great products and travel tips out there that can help you enjoy some stress free family travel.

Child comfort – Getting some sleep onboard!

Kid comfort is key, especially on long-haul flights, which can be a nightmare if you don’t have a way of letting your child fall asleep comfortably. They will be sprawled out all over you for hours with no one getting any quality sleep. A great idea I’ve seen for travel is from Australian business Kooshy Kids.

Little Rockers Radio - travel with kids

The Kooshy Kids Kooshion can be used to create a flat, flexible space for kids to enjoy as a couch or bed on the aeroplane (or for that matter train or bus). It’s placed on the floor between your child’s seat and the seat in front and then inflated, providing a large flat surface for legs to stretch out and little ones can lay flat for sleeping. It’s simple to use, lightweight, durable and comfortable with a soft material on top.

Over 50 airlines allow the use of the Kooshy Kids Kooshion during flight with some conditions like it must be deflated for takeoff and landing. This product is a must when flying with kids, if the kids can get some sleep then so can you and it makes a big difference!

Toys & Games - Keeping kids entertained!

For kids with tablets and gadgets letting them have a little time to play can give you some restful time. Little Rockers Radio is the perfect App as it’s great music that fosters children’s imaginations. But a tip, before its time for sleep give them a break from the back-lit screen to help them wind down, perhaps read them a book or tell them a story, quietly sing them a song if they are small, to help them relax before sleep, or turn off the screen and play Little Rockers Radio lullabies (7pm-6am every night). If you are after alternative toys for trips here’s some tips;

  • Small toys that are portable and easy to pack (hanging toys you can click to their backpacks are good)

  • Pack of cards

  • Magnetic games

  • Their own disposable camera

  • Where’s Wally books

  • Puzzle books/journal (don’t forget the pencils!)


Pack snacks – Fill their little tummies!

Kids can get cranky when they are hungry and they may not like the plane food or be provided with enough snack type options. So best to pack some snacks with you, take something healthy and their favourites, or surprise them with something new. Carry them in a separate easy to access bag, snacks are also a good way to pass some time and keep kids quiet.

Also remember to encourage your kids to drink lots of water and walk around; they may like to explore the plane or train!

Get Organised:

One last thing, be organised and keep all your families travel documents and passports together, a family passport wallet is ideal. It makes it easier when needing to access them quickly and minimizes the chance of losing one.

Safety while on holidays:

Safety Expert, Carolyn from Dream Baby suggests you get on all fours when you arrive at your holiday destination (hotel room, cabin or other) and check the room from your childs perspective – are there choking hazards, anything on the floor from previous guests, etc? Move climbing hazards from balconies and remember to pop any of your medicines up high, just like you would if you were at home.

Another tip, ID bracelets for the kids just in case they wonder off, the most frightening thing ever! Allowing you to be easily reunited.

Travel with children can be lots of fun, so go and book that family holiday, use the tips above for stress free travel and create some happy memories exploring the world together!