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Poodle mad, finance advisor turned author writes a book for children, inspired by her dogs!

In this story of a city slicker poodle, the plight of Australian endangered animals is highlighted.

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The Adventures of Tzar the Paddington Poodle: Goanna Encounter, is an adventurous book for kids aged 8-14.

Written by dog lover and conservation enthusiast, Catherine Toth-Lacey this story of a charismatic poodle and his sidekick will keep children on the edge of their seat as well as teach them about Australia’s diverse wildlife.

Based in the picturesque gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas, Catherine has taken her love for her two dogs and created a story which allows her to express passion for nature and strong belief in ethical treatments of animals.

Catherine lives in Sydney’s, inner city suburb of Paddington with her partner Geoffrey and their two poodles, Tzar and Ziggy. She has used her years of travel in Australia and all over the world to provide the perfect fodder for the adventures of her adored pets.  She hopes to use this book as a way to highlight the plight of Australia’s endangered animals and to get children excited about animals and their adventures!

The book series has inspired her to create her own brand called “We Care,” to raise awareness to the plight of Australia’s endangered wildlife and the ethical treatment of domestic animals.

Catherine said, "This book, the second in the series, is based on my own poodles adventures as they travel throughout Australia, and is inspired by my deep love for all animals, travelling and the quirky antics of my adorable dogs. With a deep and abiding passion to bring awareness to the plight of Australian endangered wildlife, I have interwoven animals from the region in which the story is based.  This tale is filled with animals, nature, and adventure and is a fun and enjoyable way for kids or parents alike to learn about our more obscure wildlife and our beautiful landscape. I am very grateful to Aly's Books for helping me to make this dream a reality."

Managing Director, Aly Walsh said, “We are very excited to be able to bring the next installment in the adventures of Tzar to print. This book has a very special message to convey by a woman who is very passionate about nature. We are truly delighted to be able to support Catherine on this journey.”

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