Why do kids ask questions?

Does your child ask a gazillion questions a day? Do you ever wish the questions would just stop for one minute? You are not alone.

Research has found the amount of questions asked by children differs with age and gender, four-year-old girls being the most inquisitive asking 390 questions a day and at the other end of the spectrum, nine-year-old boys are more content with their knowledge, asking 144 questions per day - one every five minutes and twelve seconds.

Yes is safe to say that kids ask a lot of questions and there is a very good reason for this. It's how they learn about the world around them, it's how we all learn about the world around us.

But as we grow up something happens and we begin to shy away from asking questions. We somehow got this idea that certain questions are silly or will make us look stupid if we ask them. How did we become such a performance driven culture where we are so focused on being RIGHT that we are too ashamed to say we don't have all the answers?

Well the reality is that we don't always know the answers and Google is a wonderful blessing to all of us who regularly use it to quickly find the answers to questions that we secretly think we should already know the answer to....sound like you?

Hang on...this was about the kids wasn't it?

As parents we need to embrace the idea that we don't have all the answers and model this to our children by being willing to be vulnerable enough to say "I don't know". This kind of honesty will always leads to enquiry and questions which promotes a creative space for us all to learn.

I don't know...maybe we should ask Dad.

I don't know...should we Google it together?

I don't know... what do you think the answer might be?

And we should not always be in such a hurry to move from the question to the answer. The space between a question and an answer is a wonderful learning environment where we can wade in the pool of possibilities and discover the answers together.

If we can move into a deep awareness that our kids questions are coming from a vulnerability and a desire to learn then maybe we grasp these teachable moments to build a stronger connection with our kids.

Children's group The Kazoos are so passionate about kids questions that they have written a show entirely dedicated to teaching pre-schoolers how important their questions are.

Chris Hill who plays Professor Silly said, "the idea for Quest for a Question came while on tour in Outback Australia. Red dirt everywhere, emus in the streets in a small library bustling with kids. We had just done a show for the local community and were packing up all our gear when a group of indigenous kids came in and greeted us with a barrage of questions!

Where do you come from?

Do you really forget your name Professor Silly?

What’s this button do?

A well meaning parent who happened to be sitting at a nearby computer kept turning to the kids and telling them to leave us alone and stop asking questions. Of course we said we didn’t mind and so on it continued…

Where is Kazooey Island going next?

What is that town like?

Again the well meaning parent scolded them from across the room and told them to stop asking so many questions. That’s when the librarian piped up and said:

They have to ask questions, that’s how they learn!!

It hit us like a ton of bricks!

Celia Hill who plays Tulip said, "Quest for a Question is a show that empowers kids to ask any questions they want.

The character of Professor Silly often stumbles over questions and gets his answers muddled up, which is not only very funny but it shows the kids the importance of having a go even if you make a mistake."

Quest for a Question doesn’t stop with the live show either guys! The Kazoos are always answering kids questions and talking to fans on Facebook Live. They even send kids personal video messages to answer their questions! So get on over to The Kazoos Facebook page and ask them a question. Who knows?... Your question even be answered at the live show these school holidays! 

This show has wide appeal from babies who love the colour, movement and music right through to the very sophisticated six year old who will be jumping out of their seats with the interactive comedy. So book your tickets now so you don’t miss out…and help The Kazoos educate families about the importance of kids questions!

Go to The Kazoos Facebook page to ask a question:


$15 adults and children  
Family (good for 5 people) $60
Group Booking (10 people) $110
Under 1yr old FREE for all bookings

Pakenham Thursday the 22nd Sept 11am
Toomah Community Centre
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Pakenham, VIC 3810
Ph: 0433276198

St Kilda Friday the 23rd of Sept 11am
St Kilda Bowls Club
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