WIN Bananas in Pyjamas 25th Anniversary and more!

After descending 91,250 stairs and chasing teddy bears 3,900 times (only on Tuesdays), the Bananas in Pyjamas last month celebrated 25 years since the first episode aired.

B1 and B2 first appeared on Play School before they premiered as a full length television series on ABC TV on 20th July 1992.

This iconic brand is 235 territories worldwide and has over 2.6 million fans on the official Facebook page.

Celebrating 25-years and marking the milestone, ABC Music has released the ultimate Bananas in Pyjamas collection, 50 Best Songs.

Aaaand, we're giving it away along with two other great albums from ABC Music, The Best of ABC Kids Volume 5 and The Wiggles Duets.

The competition is being held over on Facebook and Instagram and closes Monday 7th August at 8pm.

BANANAS in PYJAMAS 25 YEARS, 50 Best Songs : Track Listing

CD 1: B1

Banans in Pyjamas 25 years 50 best songs Little Rockers Radio

1. Bananas In Pyjamas / Hello Song
2. B-A-N-A-N-A-S
3. Hallo! Hallo!
4. Welcome To Cuddlestown
5. The Mucklebird
6. Teddies and Bananas
7. We Like Wearing Pyjamas
8. Teddy Bear Twist
9. Banana Holiday
10. Fun In The Sun
11. Beach Patrol
12. Down Comes the Rain It’s Raining, It’s Pouring / Rain On The Green Grass / Rain, Rain Go Away / Incy Wincy Spider / Drip Drop
13. A Picnic For The Teddies
14. A Party To Prepare
15. Banana Detectives
16. Oogie Boogie
17. Bumping and a-Jumping
18. I Know What You Like
19. Fluffy Bunny
20. Recycle
21. Teddies’ Breakfast Shake My Sillies Out / Polly Put The Kettle On / Pease Porridge Hot / I’m A Little Teapot
22. Games
23. I Love A Noisy Trombone
24. Happy Birthday To Us
25. Bananas In Pyjamas Instrumental

CD 2: B2

1. Bananas In Pyjamas ‘Playtime’ Version
2. Banana Emergency
3. Jump Up! Spin Around
4. Superheroes
5. Clickety Clack
6. Hey There Everybody
7. Happy Birthday For Two
8. Running, Jumping, Falling Down Ring-A-Ring A Rosie / If You’re Happy And You Know It / Wiggerly Woo / Head And Shoulders
9. At The Beach
10. Beach Ball, Beach Ball
11. Surf Rat
12. Crazy, Crazy Conga
13. In The Jungle
14. Orangutango
15. Tropicana
16. Playtime
17. Cooking
18. It’s Singing Time
19. Shake Away The Cobwebs
20. The Building Bananas
21. Shopping With Lulu
22. Animal Fun and Games Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gumtree / Der Glumph Went The Little Green Frog / Six Little Ducks / Three Cheeky Monkeys
23. Let’s Sing A Song
24. Good Night Star Light, Star Bright / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star / Hush Little Baby / Wee Willie Winkie / Rock A Bye Baby / Good Night
25. Goodbye Song


The Wiggles Duets

Almost three decades in the making, The Wiggles Duets sees Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony sing some of their favourite tunes alongside some of the most sensational entertainers from Australia and abroad!

Guest stars include Guy Sebastian, Slim Dusty, Kylie Minogue, Katie Noonan, Jimmy Barnes, Paulini and Troy-Cassar Daley, plus Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin and many more!

Track Listing:

The Wiggles Duets on Little Rockers Radio

1. Do the Propeller! (Feat. Guy Sebastian)
2. Monkey Man (Feat. Kylie Minogue)
3. I Love to Have a Dance with Dorothy (Feat. Slim Dusty)
4. The Crocodile Hunter (Feat. Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin)
5. I Love It When It Rains (Feat. Marlee Matlin)
6. I’ve Got My Glasses On! (Feat. Katie Noonan)
7. Feeling Hungry (Feat. David Hobson)
8. Have a Good Day (Kia Pai to Rā) (Feat. Robert Rakete)
9. Do the Pretzel (Feat. Paulini)
10. Taba Naba Style! (Feat. Christine Anu)
11. Do the Hawk (Feat. Lee Hawkins)
12. Squid Jiggin’ Ground (Feat. Tim Chaisson)
13. Itchy Fingers (Jimmy’s Sea Shanty) (Feat. Jimmy Barnes)
14. Waltzing Matilda (Feat. Troy Cassar-Daley)
15. We Three Kings (Feat. Anúna)
16. Rock & Roll Preschool (Feat. Lou Diamond Phillips)
17. Eagle Rock (Feat. Ross Wilson)


The Best of ABC Kids Volume 5

The Best of ABC KIDS Vol. 5 features 29 tracks from all your favourite ABC Kids Music artists including The Wiggles, Justine Clarke, Sesame Street, Giggle and Hoot, Play School, Bananas In Pyjamas and many more!

Track Listing:

The Best of ABC Kids Volume 5 on Little Rockers Radio

1. Justine Clarke – Bobby The Tractor
2. Jimmy Barnes and The Wiggles – I Got New Shoes
3. Sesame Street – Splish Splash
4. Bananas In Pyjamas – Welcome To Cuddlestown
5. Play School – Shake My Sillies Out
6. Emma – Ba Ba Da Bicycle Ride
7. Peg + Cat – Peg + Cat Theme Song
8. Giggle and Hoot – Giggle Fangs
9. John Field – Monkey Monkey Monkey
10. Dinosaur Train – Hungry, Hungry Herbivore
11. Nay Nay – My Brother Ate My LEGO
12. Battlebird – Gelati Party
13. Josh Pyke & Justine Clarke – Words Make The World Go Around
14. Giggle and Hoot – Star Bouncing
15. The Wiggles – Dr. Knickerbocker
16. SplashDance – Hands In The Air
17. Animals Rock – Animals Rock
18. Sesame Street – If You’re Happy And You Know It
19. Alex Papps – Riding On The Bus
20. Dinosaur Train – Dinosaurs A-Z
21. Alexander The Elephant – Pedro The Parrot (feat. Connie Mitchell)
22. Peg + Cat – Stick On The Line
23. John Field – Nine Alligators
24. Jay Laga’aia – Never Smile At A Crocodile
25. Play School – Incy Wincy Spider
26. Justine Clarke – Awake!
27. Lachy – Hello, Hello, Welcome To The Lachy Wiggle Show
28. Nay Nay – Little Superstar
29. Bananas In Pyjamas – We Like Wearing Pyjamas

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