Winter Wonderlights at Sovereign Hill

We recently took the family to the Winter Wonderlights, Christmas in July at Sovereign Hill.

The images looked amazing and we were looking forward to going.

It’s really hit the cold winter weather now so the kids were looking forward to rugging up and taking their jackets, beanies and gloves. If you are going this really is a must!

We arrived just after midday and had just over 5 hours to explore Sovereign Hill before the night light show started at 5.45pm.

The day time was just beautiful with ‘snow’ displays at certain times, Christmas trees and decorations lining the street and shops and carolers really making the entire set up feel so special. I honestly felt like we were in a movie and the kids ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!

The snow is not real, obviously, but the effect is just as magical!

We spent the day bowling, doing a gold mine tour, eating scones (New York Bakery… Yum!) and drinking tea, watching live puppet shows and generally having a magical time.

Five hours was not long enough though as we didn’t manage to pan for gold, visit the gold museum or take a tour by horse and cart.

At 5.45pm we all gathered in the main street of Sovereign Hill for the countdown to the Christmas Lights display. It was AMAZING, lots of littlies jumping around in the snow and enjoying the lights, lots of adults filming and capturing the moment and just a beautiful light show. It truly is so well done that you have to make sure you go at least once to experience the magic of it all.

We all decided this will be an annual event on the calendar and we will definitely go back next year.

Winter Wonderlights in on at Sovereign Hill through to 24th July. Bookings at