WOW! Little Rockers Radio is turning 4!!

Four years ago I waved good bye to my second baby when she started prep, and launched my third baby, Little Rockers Radio.


I had been working on launching an online radio station for a few years after having the idea while driving in the car with the kids. While working for the man during the day, I worked on creating a radio station at night - coming up with character DJs, listening to children’s music and most importantly thinking about how to get children dancing, moving and using their imaginations while also helping to support Mum in her day to day life with bubs, tots and pre-schoolers.

With no background in radio, streaming or broadcasting I shouted lots of coffees, picked lots of brains and started to learn how to start online radio of my own (special thanks to John O’Neill & Google University – you seriously saved me).

In February 2013 I officially launched a pretty basic station (well VERY basic, I didn’t really know what I was doing – but hey, jump first and then figure out the rest, right?). This grew from 1 listener (me) to around 5,000 listener sessions a month. A Dad then reached out to me asking for lullabies at night to help put his little one to sleep, and the 24-hour station was born with lullabies all night.

The programming has since expanded to include yoga, meditation, story time, music from around the world and more!

We have had some amazing media coverage on The Project, in most major papers around the country, That’s Life Magazine, CHILD Magazines, Sunrise, Time Out, Inside Small Business, Kochie’s Business Builders and more. I have also been lucky enough to win the Bank of Melbourne AusMumpreneur Rising Star Award, be a finalist in the OPTUS My Business Awards, was named one of the Inside Small Business Top 50 Small Businesses in 2017 and funnily enough while reading Naomi Simsons Book, ‘Ready to Soar’ I found myself reading about the Little Rockers Radio journey (only a teeny paragraph, but loved it all the same!).

Our audience, you and your children, has continually grown from 5,000 listener sessions in the early days to 75,000 listener sessions a month and Little Rockers Radio has grown into a brand that parents and carers trust and children love. I’m proud of the fact that when people think of Little Rockers Radio they think of trust, children’s health, entertainment and support.

My favourite moments have been when I have heard from a Mum thanking me for making their day more entertaining and enjoyable, or helping to keep their nights calm with lullabies, or when I see a picture of a little one rocking it out to our tunes. When I meet someone who says they are a listener I literally do a ‘happy dance!’

In 2018 we will be changing, or I should say evolving into what I always dreamt we would be. I see Little Rockers Radio as being more than just musical entertainment for children and support for Mums. Yes it definitely is this, however I see it as a platform to make some really positive changes in the world (big & corny – yes, slightly... but those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who usually do!).

This year we are stepping into this in a big way!

It started with the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco in 2015. A special disco broadcast for child care centres on Red Nose Day. In 2017, just over $50,000 was raised from this event and my personal goal is to raise $100,000 a year over 10-years, hitting $1 million. This campaign was born from the loss of my nephew to SIDS in 2009 and it literally comes from my heart. It also, selfishly, makes me feel really good and I love knowing that Little Rockers Radio is a platform to help with social awareness, fundraising, support and more.

There are more campaigns just like this in the pipeline for 2018 and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. They seriously are awesome! But for now, keep in mind that every time you PRESS PLAY not only are you helping create some calm in your day, entertaining your children and getting them moving, you are also supporting a much bigger picture.

A big picture that supports Red Nose and a range of other charities and organisations, a big picture that positively impacts the lives, health and happiness of little ones & their families and a big picture that supports Children, Mums, Families and Communities.


Massive thanks to all of our partners who believed in us and supported us so far! Red Nose, The Five Mile Press, iHeartRadio, Ready Steady Go Kids, Hippo Blue, King Swim & Shapeeze. I can’t wait to continue to work with you this year and beyond.

Sarah Morrissey - Little Rockers Radio - family

HUGE thanks to my husband, Luke, and two children, Jackson and Grace. Luke has worn the brunt of my midnight ideas, tears and dreams and shares them with me!





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