Why I believe in Meditation and Yoga for kids

My son is a thinker.

He is a very well behaved, caring boy who is well beyond his years in maturity. Of course I am biased, however this isn’t just my words.

What I have found goes with this is overthinking, analysing and worrying a little too much about other people’s feelings (to the point of not wanting to say ‘no’ to anyone).

At night he used to have trouble sleeping and switching off. For a 7-year old (now 8) this worried me.

Last year his grade one teacher introduced him (and me) to Smiling Mind. It’s a Meditation App for children and adults and has a range of different meditations you can do each day. The children’s meditations go for about 5-10 minutes and have been great for my son and he will do them a couple of times a week.

At night now we also play classical music and lullabies for about an hour while he drifts off to sleep. I have found it helps him to switch off and relax.

My daughter (now 6) was also introduced to Smiling Mind this year and loves it, although she is not a thinker and not a single thing in the world bothers her. She doesn’t need music at night as she is asleep before her head hits the pillow! If I put music on, she pulls out her Irish dancing moves!

What my daughter does love is the fun-key yoga sessions we play on Little Rockers Radio. She gets herself on the floor into all manner of positions and has a ball.

I hope that incorporating meditation and yoga into their lives at a young age will help them as they grow.

I think teaching children to ‘stop, breathe, stretch and be’ for 10-minutes a day is a great tool they can practice and enjoy now, that hopefully becomes habit as they grow.


Smiling Mind Meditations for children can be heard each weeknight on Little Rockers Radio at around 6.30pm (AEST).

Fun-key yoga for children can be heard daily on Little Rockers Radio at 2pm (AEST). It’s 10-minutes of animated yoga fun.