Media Partner - Building Voices Public Speaking

We are very pleased to be the official Media Partner for Building Voices Public Speaking. This program works with preps through to high school children and helps them to find their voice and build confidence. Such an important skill for our children to learn. 

‘Building Voices Public Speaking’ was established when Samantha recognised that many children suffered from anxiety and stage fright when faced with the prospect of delivering a presentation.

As a mother of two children, she found this troubling and began looking into ways to use her experience as an award-winning public speaker in schools to encourage children to feel more confident when they deliver a speech, or give a presentation. 

Early in 2015 Samantha developed a program specifically tailored to students from grades 5–12. The ‘Confident Communication and Leadership Program’ (CCLP) and after successfully coaching the program in mid-2016, Samantha responded to a parent’s request for a more advanced program. By term 4, 2016 the ‘Advanced Confident Communication and Leadership Program’ (ACCLP) was created and a new phase of communication coaching began. 

Parents of grades 2-4 heard of the more senior program and approached Samantha asking if there was a program that their children could do. In August 2016, the ‘Junior Public Speaking Program’ (JPSP) was created and the response from both students and parents has been phenomenal.

In August of 2017, parents of Prep-Grade 1 children began approaching Samantha since they wanted their children to begin the process of developing presentation confidence. Two trial programs were completed with success and the ‘LittleSpeakers Program’ (LSP) commences October 2017.

Teachers report that the children enrolled in these programs are visibly more relaxed, have increased self-assurance, and deliver well-prepared presentations with confidence and poise.

You can find out more about this fabulous program at