Bedtime with Tommy Kitten


Tommy Kitten gets ready for bed along with kids Australia wide. Kids can hear him nightly from 6 - 7pm.

Tommy is cheeky, curious, playful and a little naughty, alright very naughty!

Being the centre of attention, Tommy is not shy at all, he loves music, making a NOISE, playing the symbols and banging saucepans!

Tommy likes to think he is a big strong lion and not a baby lion cub. He pretends he is brave, but is actually a little scared of the dark.

Tommy's favourite food is yoghurt. His favourite colour is blue!

During bedtime with Tommy Kitten you can hear a mix of music starting with some fun music at 6pm and slowly moving towards more relaxing night time music to help your little one have a great nights sleep (fingers crossed!)...

At around 6.30pm (AEST) we play a short Happy Smile Little Meditation to help clear the mind before bed! It's great for the littlies and the biggies too!

Colour in Tommy Kitten! Send your pictures to us by email or to PO Box 4002, Wishart, VIC 3189.