Parent Q&A PodCast

Parents Q&A: The PodCast where we tackle all the things we face as parents. From the serious topics on first aid right through to our first PodCast that's all about snot!

The important role of Dad

I caught up with Maggie Dent to ask her about the important role Dads play. We quite often focus on Mums and our role however with Fathers Day approaching I wanted to focus on Dads.

This is a must listen interview to learn about how Dads can have such an instrumental impact on their children's lives and how it can vary greatly from raising boys to raising girls.

Developing Communication & Language Skills

This week is speech pathology week (19-25 August 2018) so we decided to catch up with Emily from Speak About Speech Pathology and ask her about our little ones speech and language development.

We spoke about 'general' milestones, supporting language development at home, red flags, seeking help and more. Take a listen...


Yep, this is a PodCast interview all about Snot!

Everything you need to know about helping your little ones when they get a cold and are all snuffly.

We caught up with Laura, boss Mum, at Snotty Noses Australia to ask her for her top tips to strengthen bubs immunity and to also help deal with the dreaded cold in our children, especially when they're too young to be able to blow their nose!

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