At Little Rockers Radio we are growing and we change and add to our content regularly based on listener feedback. When we first launched in February 2014 we were a 6am - 8pm station. Now we play 24/7 music with lullabies right through the night, beacuse our listeners asked for it! We now have Yoga each and every day by the fabulous guys at fun-key yoga because our listeners asked for it!

There's lots more to come and I love to hear your feedback on what you would like, so please email me whenever you have a suggestion. Sarah x

Current Daily Programming (AEDT)

Mornings with Milly Monkey (6am - 9am)
Playtime with Gracie Goanna (9am - 12pm)
HUSH (12pm - 1pm)
fun-key yoga (2pm)
After School with Jack the Wallaby (4pm - 5pm)
Bedtime with Tommy KItten, including Smiling Mind Meditation (6pm - 7pm)

HUSH (7-8pm)

fun-key yoga


It's Yoga on radio, each and every day! At 2pm (AEST) daily you can SWITCH US ON to listen to 10-minutes of animated, noisy yoga. More information on fun-key yoga and the daily poses can be found here.

Yummy Scrummy in my Tummy!

Yummy scrummy toffee apples!

Yummy scrummy toffee apples!

Our children are our future! At Little Rockers Radio you could say we are 'completely crazy' about raising happy healthy kids and supporting Mums, Dads, Families & Communities!

What makes a happy and healthy child? Music, physical activity, switching off the screen, developing healthy eating habits, a loving and nurturing environment, the list goes on!

We are so happy to work with 'Queenie Apple' to bring you some yummy scrummy recipes that all focus on healthy eating (and eating for intolerances). It's all packaged up so our littlies (and their Mums and Dads too) can learn and have fun while doing so! You can find out more, and meet Queenie Apple, here.

Story Time


It's coming very soon!! Lots of gorgeous stories for little ones to listen to each and every day. Watch this space!