Quest for a Question

Join us on Tuesday mornings at 10am (AEST) for Quest for a Question!


Why can't I fly?

Why do I have to sleep?

Can Shaun the Sheep come and stay?

Can dogs eat your collarbone Mummy?

Why are houses outside?

Professor Silly and Tulip from The Kazoos will be answering your little ones questions in a way only they can!

It's entertaining, educational, a little bit silly and a whole lotta fun!

Research has found the amount of questions asked by children differs with age and gender, four-year-old girls being the most inquisitive asking 390 questions a day and at the other end of the spectrum, nine-year-old boys are more content with their knowledge, asking 144 questions per day - one every five minutes and twelve seconds.

Yes its safe to say that kids ask a lot of questions and there is a very good reason for this. It's how they learn about the world around them, it's how we all learn about the world around us.

Please send us your little ones questions along with their name and age and Professor Silly will answer them for you! Email