Ready Steady Go Kids

Listen out on-air for the 'READY STEADY GO KIDS' call out every 30-minutes!

Short, fun activities have been developed by Occupational Therapists at Ready Steady Go Kids and are designed to get kids jumping like Kangaroo’s, Stretching up and down, Leaping like frogs and shaking their sillies out!

Kids are encouraged to listen out for the READY STEADY GO KIDS call out every 30-minutes, letting your littlies know it's time to jump up and get ready to move. It's a short, fun activity that they can do by themselves or with Mum!

Have fun and let us know how your littlies go with the movements!

Here's what to listen out for...

On Demand - PRESS PLAY and listen when you want!

These exercise programs have been developed by the amazing OT at Ready Steady Go Kids. Music is by The Kazoos.

Fitness BINGO - Fun for kids - gross motor skills

Fitness FUN BINGO!

Have fun with the kids while helping them develop their gross motor skills.

Simply download the BINGO sheet below and 'tick' off each box until the full box has been completed. Fun, entertaining and great for kids development!

We would love to see your little ones taking part - simply take a photo of them doing Fitness BINGO and tag our Facebook or Instagram pages so we can see them. There's 5 great prizes up for grabs!




Read more about why it's so important to get kids moving in our interview with Occupational Therapist, Carmen Dodds from Ready Steady Go Kids HERE.