Story Time


Every day at 11am and 5pm (AEST) you can sit down with your little ones and listen to a beautiful children's book in Story Time.

Little Rockers Radio and The Five Mile Press are delighted to bring beautiful stories to children Australia wide.

Your little ones will love the chance to stop and listen for a few minutes, cuddle up to you or a teddy and listen to a new story each week. Most books featured are by Australian authors who have been kind enough to read them on-air for us!

Click below to find out about these wonderful books all coming up on Story Time. 

SUPER MOOPERS: Giggling Gertie & Nervous Nellie

The Great and Wondrous Storyteller by Michael Scott Parkinson

Family is Like A Cake by Shona Innes



Fly-In Fly-Out Dad by Sally Murphy

Once a Creepy Crocodile by Peter Taylor

The Littlest Bushranger

Cheeky Monkey Manners Series - Please, Thankyou, Listening & Taking Turns

No Thanks Hanks

One Cheeky Monkey

Being Agatha

The Birthday Party Cake

Friendship is like a Seesaw

George the Bilby Chef

The Masked Echidna

Archie no ordinary sloth


Mrs Dog

Worries are Like Clouds

You are Like You

Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon

Spot & Stripe

Percy and his AMAZING Box of DISGUISES

All books featured can be found at Five Mile Press and where all good books are sold.

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