The Birthday Party Cake

Join us for The birthday Party Cake on Story Time the week commencing 2nd November at 11am and 5pm (AEDT).

Pickle and Bree are the very best of friends, though they don’t always see eye to eye! They may have their differences, but together, they always manage to work through their problems. Featuring a handy Guide to Good Deeds at the back of each book, parents and children can join Pickle and Bree on their adventures while gently exploring social etiquette and positive behaviour.

In The Birthday Party Cake, it’s Jason’s birthday and Pickle is planning a special bear birthday surprise for his friend. He knows exactly the kind of cake to make, and the perfect bear games to play. But when Bree decides to lend a hand, her idea of a perfect party is not exactly what Pickle had in mind!

Can Pickle and Bree find a way to save Jason’s birthday?

Available from The Five Mile and where all good books are sold.