The Little Rockers Red Nose Disco

Little Rockers Red Nose Disco

In 2019 we dusted off our dancing shoes and danced for a good cause!

While we don’t have final numbers raised yet, we do know this:

  • More Early Learning Centres registered than previously - YAY!!

  • Tens of thousands of children around the country danced!

  • The Victorian Government jumped on board and supported the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco with a $20,000 fund match!

Interested in dancing with us in 2020?

Register your interest below and we will get in touch when we start planning.

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The Little Rockers Red Nose Disco is a fun filled disco event where children can dance, have fun and dress up for a great cause! By hosting a disco in your centre and encouraging all participating children to make a gold coin donation, valuable funds will be raised for Red Nose’s advocacy, research and bereavement services.

With nine children still dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day in Australia, funds raised through Red Nose Day fundraising activities, including the Little Rockers Red Nose Disco, go to Red Nose’s advocacy and research programs into the causes of all sudden, unexplained and preventable childhood deaths, educating the community on safe sleeping practices, and supporting families who have been devastated by the sudden and unexpected death of a child.

“It’s been over 10-years since my nephew grew his angel wings and I will never forget the support of Red Nose in helping my family through a time that no person should have to go through.

The Little Rockers Red Nose Disco is an idea born from loss and I am so proud of what the disco has become - a great way for children to dance and have fun while raising money for a serious case, saving babies lives.”

Sarah Morrissey, founder Little Rockers Radio

Together this campaign has helped to raise over $100,000 for Red Nose over the last 4-years and in 2019 I would love to raise over $100,000! Together, I’m sure we can do it.