Lets Count - Teaching Maths in Early Childhood Education

Children in Australia’s most disadvantaged communities start school already behind and Children who start school behind in maths generally stay behind.

Numeracy is a foundation skill for successful participation in our society – individuals need it for budgeting, taking medication and employment and so on.

Today we are talking to Amanda Grimmond from The Smith Family to find out more about teaching maths in early childhood education and their program Lets Count.

Let’s Count was developed by Emeritus Professor Bob Perry (Charles Sturt University), Associate Professor Ann Gervasoni (Monash University) and The Smith Family. The program aims to significantly improve the mathematical capabilities of preschool children, and is delivered to Educators through either face-to-face professional development sessions or via online e-Learning.

The main role of an Educator in Let’s Count is to share mathematical activities with parents/families that provide opportunities for them to have fun when engaging children in mathematical learning, and to use the appropriate mathematical language. The aim is to increase the confidence of parents and other family members to support their children to notice, explore and talk about powerful foundational mathematical concepts. Let’s Count is a proven evidence-based program with a longitudinal study conducted. You can find the full report here

This PodCast is a collaboration between Little Rockers Radio and The Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria.