The Masked Echidna, by Michael Salmon

Another wonderful new character from one of Australia’s best-loved and well-known creators of children’s books – Michael Salmon.

Michael is an author and illustrator who had his first book published in 1972 and has over 176 previous titles.

Michael has been touring Australian Primary Schools for many years, cartooning and talking to Students. (It's how my children first heard of Michael and grew to love his books and his illustrations). Over several decades Michael is pretty sure he's visited almost every area in the country. From Southern Tasmania, out west to the remote Country Schools, the mining towns, the sugarcane towns, along the Gulf of Carpentaria Savannah Schools to the Indigenous Schools up on Cape York.

Congratulations Michael you truly do an amazing job inspiring our children!


The Masked Echidna on Little Rockers Radio

Eric the echidna lives in the hills just outside of the little town of Black Stump. The neighbours of Black Stump are very friendly- except for the Hairy-nose Wombat Brothers. When the brothers begin to cause trouble in the town, Eric decides to take them on in the guise of superhero, the Masked Echidna. Life in the Aussie outback will never be the same again!

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