5 reasons our babies and toddlers can get congested!

Most babies and toddlers will have snotty noses pretty regularly. In fact babies can be unwell with colds up to 6-12 times in their first year.

It's not always colds that cause snotty noses though. Sarah caught up with Laura from Snotty Noses to find out what else causes our babies congestion.

5 reasons our babies and toddlers can get congested! A summary from our interview.

  1. Physiological - newborns have different breathing patterns to children and adults. They are obligate nasal breathers, meaning they prefer to breathe through their nose rather than mouth. This can make it very uncomfortable for them when their nose is blocked. In addition their nasal passages are so small that they can sound congested, even when they may not be.

  2. Vomiting and spilling up or reflux - although most of the milk babies bring up will come from their mouth, it can at times come through their nasal passages, causing discomfort and congestion.

  3. Air born irritants - dust, pollen, pet hair, cigarette smoke, perfumes, deodorants, etc… All can cause a baby’s nose to react and that’s because little noses are lined with little hairs that work together to trap these irritants before they get to their lungs.

  4. Dry Air - is a unique irritant and can cause babies to produce more mucus than usual and that’s because the mucus membranes are working harder to keep a babies nasal passages moist. What causes dry air? Heating and Air Conditioners are a common culprit.

  5. A virus, cold or flu. Parents are often surprised that this only one reason a baby can get snotty! A baby can get sick with a cold up to 6-12 times in their first year, especially if they have older siblings or are at day care.

Take a listen to the interview for more information and how you can help.

Thanks to Laura from Snotty Noses for this interview and for supporting Little Rockers Radio.