8 Sleep Tips to get bedtime sorted for good!

When we become a parent sleep overtakes us, or the thought of sleep at least!

With World Sleep Day coming up this Friday 15th March and daylight savings ending in Australia on the 7th of April we thought we would get some tips on how to find a good night sleep for you and your family!

For many parents the change in daylight savings just adds and extra layer of stress to their bedtime routines, or lack thereof. Our general advice with daylight savings time changes is firstly – don’t stress, have a routine and make small changes to the time of your routine in the week or two leading up to the change which allows your little ones body clock to slowly change.

With this in mind we caught up with Laura from Snotty Noses Australia and asked her about her BEST 8 sleep tips EVER to have bedtime sorted for good.

Take a listen here:

Check out the full show notes and tips HERE!