Do babies breathe through their mouth or nose?

Do babies breathe through their mouth or nose?

How can we help our babies when they get sick and snuffly?

In this interview Sarah talks to Laura from Snotty Noses Australia to find out more about how our babies breathe and how we can help them when they have a cold.

Babies breathe through their nose, so a blocked nose from congestion can be extremely distressing for bub and for the family.  

Flushing out bubs nose and clearing their nasal passages as quickly as possible, and as often as needed is recommended to help your bub.

The team at Snotty Noses recommend a 2 step process of 

  1. Flushing each nostril with 2-3 squirts of saline spray. (Safe to use daily from birth, saline spray has no medical or chemical dangers).

  2. Clearing and removing all excess mucus in a few seconds using the Snotty Aspirator (or snot sucker as we like to call it!).

Dr Nina Shapiro advises that newborns and babies are obligate nasal breathers which means their natural preference is to breathe through their nose. If they have a cold and their nasal passage is blocked, it can be very uncomfortable.

While mouth breathing is not impossible, newborns have physical features that make it more difficult including a larger tongue, smaller mouth and elevated larynx. 

During feeding, the mouth is blocked by Mums breast or the bottle, so it's important bub can breathe through their nose. 

As well as keeping little noses clear with a nasal aspirator, hydrating the air with a cool mist vaporiser/diffuser also promotes good health and good sleep. 

Plain tap water can be safely diffused in the ultrasonic vaporiser/humidifier from birth, and a few drops of organic essential oil, like lavender, lemon and chamomile can be added from around 3 months.

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