INTERVIEW: Should I use a night light in my baby or toddlers room?

Educator and business owner Laura Klein is on a mission to transform bedtimes and sleep for every Australian family.

Sarah caught up with her to ask about night lights – why should we use them and what types are the best!

Laura’s 5 top tips for lighting your little ones rooms are here. Take a listen:


Red light is scientifically proven to help the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Melatonin lowers the heart rate, and relaxes the muscles, signalling to the brain that it's time for sleep ( No other colour light has this affect on the body, even total darkness!


Most littlies have stages where they are scared of the dark – the monsters in the room are hidden in the shadows! A soft red night light may be just enough to calm their fears while still leaving the room dull enough to promote good sleep.


We all know the games toddlers play at bedtime – there’s never a thirstier child than at bedtime! Once your toddler is in a big bed and able to ‘pop out’ to visit you or grab a drink or a quick midnight visit to the toilet, a night light can help them see their way, and eventually they will stop waking you for help and do it on their own (high fives all round)!


The early morning yell from your toddler is a sure fire way to jolt you up! Impossible to find in a pitch black room, a gentle night light can help your little one learn to independently find their teddy, dummy or bottle without needing to yell for you and without having to turn on the bright bedroom light.


My children are 10 and 12 and I never go to bed without sneaking in to check on them first. They may grow up but this never changes. A gentle night light allows us to check them quickly, put a blankie over them and tip toe out and off to bed without tripping over ourselves in the dark.

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