Tips for visiting a newborn in hospital!

The birth of a baby is an overwhelming and magical experience, and as friends and family we can’t wait to go in and visit the new bundle of joy. But, don’t be that friend that no one wants to invite back.

Sarah caught up with Laura from Snotty Noses to ask for her top tips on visiting a newborn.

Take a listen…

Here’s Laura’s top tips:

  1. Be Patient. It’s been a full on 24+ hours, that’s why its called labour! Give the new parents time and don’t take it personally if they;re not yet ready for visitors.

  2. Go with the flow! If you are going to the hospital to visit, please be flexible, and remember short and sweet visits are generally the best!

  3. Remember your own health and hygiene. Stay away if you are sick! Wash and sanitise your hands. Avoid perfumes and aftershave that’s too strong as it can be overwhelming. Plus, on a serious note, consider when you last had a whooping cough vaccination. The incident of whooping cough is on the rise!

  4. Leave your young kids at home if they’re going to be disruptive. Although they may be curious they can bring an element of unpredictability.

  5. Remember the Dads! Post Natal Depression effects Dads too. Ask them about their experience and listen to what they have to say too!

  6. The Perfect Gift! Remember anything given to the new parents at hospital needs to be taken home, so something small is good, hello chocolate!! If you can, hold off until the parents are home and pre-cooked meals are always a great help when new parents are home and in the thick of it!

  7. Pause the camera, mind the socials. Don’t take pictures and pop them onto socials! Leave that up to the new parents!

  8. Cuddles might be off limits. Mum may be feeling sore, her milk is coming in and she might not feel like great big cuddles. It’s always a good idea to keep the cuddles away from baby too, unless the new parents are happy for you to have a light squeeze.

  9. A million words of advice! As well intended as good advice is, don’t give it unless you’re asked for it! Let Mum and Dad figure it out for themselves, if they want advice, they will ask for it.

  10. Be helpful! Help out in anyway you can. Ask Mum and Dad what they need.