Water Safety & Our Kids!

Water Safety needs to be top of mind year round.

Sarah caught up with Clare from Kingswim to ask her how we teach our children about water safety, some top tips for being safe around water and when our children can start swimming lessons.

Take a listen to this bite size interview here...

Children can drown in as little as 20cm of water, and children under five are the age group most at risk of drowning. Swimming pools are known to account for a large proportion of drowning deaths however there are everyday dangers around the home too.

Other bodies of water to be mindful of include:

  • baths and bathtime

  • water features

  • wheelburrows

  • planter boxs

  • buckets

  • anything around the home that can fill with water

Clare’s tips to start the water safety conversation:

  • Talk to your children about being safe around water from a young age

  • Supervise your children always when around water - bath, pool, etc

  • Start early with water conditioning and familiarisation - a technique to teach children how to hold their breath. Counting 1-2-3 is the indicator to hold their breathe while you pour water over them. This can be slowly introduced at bath time.

  • Start swimming lessons - children can start at 3-months of age in baby play classes and progress through to Parent and Child classes then onto Independent classes.

To find out more about enrolling your child into swimming lessons with Kingswim check out their page HERE.